Oversight Blog Tour – ARC Review

Out of all the men he’d ever been with, no one had ever expressed so much frustration over an inability to show him more affection. It just didn’t happen.


I am stating right now that i love Six with all my heaaaart!!! *cough* i mean look i made this graphic and everything 😀

oversight quote1

Ok, in book 1 I didn’t like Holden. not even a little. That guy pissed me off soooo much, and I wondered, how will Santino get me to like this guy, if at all? I don’t necessarily need to like an MC to enjoy a book so of course i went into this wondering if i’d be glaring at Holden the entire time.

So i didn’t hate him as much in this one lol. Alright fine I didn’t really hate him I just loved Six more 😉 What i liked was how with every little bit of unraveling of who Holden thought the Community was we get to see him be more aware of how very wrong he was. How much he bought into the whole spiel of who the Community was supposed to be. I liked that Holden did examine and admit to his privileged and realizing how much he used his ability to his advantage, that was a big factor in me feeling less ragey about the guy. Because whew book 1 Holden and how he was with Nate nope!

But I gotta say Sixtus Rossi had my heart from the beginning of this book. He’s so stoic and blunt and just speaks his mind, and yet as we see him with Holden, we see his vulnerabilities too. I loved him. He was adorable! Even if that doesn’t seem to mesh with this super tall, super big guy, but he just was. This is my jam right here: big burly serious looking guy but a kind of softy too? yes please 🙂

“No.” Six’s voice was a thunderclap, his fierce scowl a storm. “It’s you, Holden. You make me feel like someone else. Like someone new.”

This book also built on what we were starting to learn about the Community and the Farm in book one and yiiiiikes, welcome to creepy city. Santino definitely captured the insidiousness of the organization and i’m on edge waiting for book three. Because Chase and Elijahhhhhhhh please let my kids be okkkk.


I’m pretty intrigued for book 3 as well because i’m assuming we’ll get to actually see more of the Farm? And there are things that i’m curious about and NEED answers for! I can’t wait! This was such a great ride and Six and Holden were so good together 😉


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