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The Saints series – Adult/Urban Fantasy  – book 1 complete

Then her gaze dropped lower and she noticed the lip ring curving around a mouth that was also highly unfair and yeah, pissed off flew right out the damn window.

TFI (book 1 of Jumbies duology) – Adult/Urban Fantasy – draft 2 currently revising.

Her lips were pulled back slightly and Nick got an eyeful of teeth, her canines gleaming, sharp, ready to tear into his flesh

BM – Adult/Steampunk – in progress

It was barely more than a trickle of red but… Merrique liked to spill a little blood to prove a point.

Sweethand (book #1 in Island Bites series, standalone) – Adult/Romance – draft 1 complete, editing in progress

She was in the sweetest dress. This bright blue thing with a glittering beaded collar but her eyes and that smile that now graced her lips were anything but sweet. Cherisse’s smile promised vengeance…

Copyright © 2017 N.G. Peltier

Bits & Pieces: 

The Soucoyant Thing: Neeko

The Soucouyant Thing: Lynx’s backstory

Angel prompt

Kali prompt

Revenge idea

Twin pirates idea